Retirement Plan Division QDROs and DROs

Retirement assets are protected from creditors and most transfers except those in divorce or legal separation cases, for property, child support or spousal maintenance interests, by a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, for private employer plans, or by Domestic Relations Order for State, Federal and Military Retirement Plans.

Popp Law Firm, P.L.C. represents individuals and couples, in limited joint representation, for prompt agreed-upon QDRO processing.

When agreement is unavailable, Popp Law Firm, P.L.C. represents individuals in all retirement asset division issues: QDROs and other dividing orders, survivor benefits, and past-due or misdirected payment claims.

We work with all retirement plans- Private-Employer (ERISA) Plans; State Plans including Arizona State Retirement System and Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System; Federal Plans including Federal Employee Retirement System; Military Retired Pay, Reserve Retired Pay, and more.

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A Family Law Master can be appointed by the Court to recommend outcomes of disputed retirement division issues.  Popp Law Firm regularly serves as Family Law Master for retirement asset division pursuant to Rule 72.1 Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure.

Contact us if you are interested in Family Law Master Services.