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Collaborative Divorce

A New Way for Families in Divorce

Popp Law Firm, P.L.C. represents clients in the growing practice of Collaborative Divorce, an interdisciplinary model that combines attorneys, mental health professionals and a financial specialist to guide client-centered solutions for families in the transition of divorce.

In a Collaborative Divorce, the wife and husband agree not to go to court and instead focus on crafting their own outcome in the divorce. The divorcing couple creates their own post-marriage reality with the guidance of trained professionals. The couple agrees that the court system will be used only for approval and entry of a decree of dissolution of marriage that incorporates their agreements. Each spouse has the support of an attorney and a mental health specialist, called a “coach,” and together they receive input from a neutral financial specialist.

Collaborative Divorce Attorney:

Each divorcing individual hires a trained Collaborative Divorce Attorney, who provides legal counsel to the client. Your Collaborative Divorce attorney will advise you on the applicable Arizona law, and on the legal effect of the proposed solutions that you and your spouse create. The Collaborative Divorce Attorney also is responsible for drafting the necessary court documents to secure the entry of a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage.

The Coach:

Each divorcing individual enlists a trained mental health professional, called a "Coach," who helps the spouses develop and improve skills needed during the divorce process and beyond. While the Coach supports, the Coach is not a therapist for the client. The Coaches’ role can provide the tools needed to communicate and problem solve during one of life's most difficult transitions.

The Financial Specialist:

Each couple enlists a trained neutral financial specialist to assess the couple's understanding of their current and anticipated financial realities. The Financial Specialist puts the couple's ideas and plans through the lens of financial analysis, to test the short and long-term potential outcomes of financial decisions. The Financial Specialist provides hourly fee services and does not provide financial products to the spouses.

Child Specialist:

Divorcing families with children enlist a trained Child Specialist, who serves as a child advocate and provides objectively the voice of the child(ren) in the divorce process. The Child Specialist can serve minor children, and even adult children, who also feel the impact of their parents' divorce.

Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Arizona (CDP of AZ) is the Phoenix-area Collaborative Divorce practice group whose members are trained in the Collaborative Divorce, and are committed to promoting Collaborative Divorce among the public and other professionals.

James S. Osborn Popp is an active member of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Arizona, and is a former President. More information about Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Arizona is available at: